Mega Moolah Slot Game

As a slot player you are always going to be looking for slots to play that have some large and tempting jackpots attached to them, and one slot game which is at the top of many players lists of slots they regularly love playing is the Mega Moolah slot from Microgaming.

What makes that slot such an enjoyable and exciting one to play is that it offers every player the chance of not only winning a 15,000 coin base game jackpot on every spin, but one of four progressive jackpots can also be won.mega moolah logo!

With 25 optional paylines and three different coin values it is also a slot on which both low and high stake players are going to get an enjoyable slot playing experience. The coin values are 0.01, 0.02 and 0.05 and a minimum one coin spin is all that is required to send the five reels spinning.

No matter at what stake or how many paylines you have chosen to activate you are going to be able to trigger what could turn out to be a life changing bonus game completely at random and that bonus game along with another one attached to this slot is described below!

Two Different Bonus Games

The progressive jackpot bonus game is going to be awarded to players of the Mag Moolah slot completely at random it is only however awarded once a base game spin has been played off.

A bonus wheel spinning based game will then be yours to play off when triggered and by spinning that wheel you are guaranteed to win one of the jackpots displayed at the top of the slot games screen.

You will also find that as soon as three or more of the Monkey Scatter symbols have been spun into view a free spin feature round is triggered, that bonus game will award 15 initial free spins and winning payouts are tripled during that bonus game.

All players who do fancy giving this Mega Moolah slots of which there are several in the series are best advised to visit the website, for by doing so you will discover a range of casinos that have those slot games on offer, and will also be able to make use of a range of very generous and exclusive sign up bonuses at those casinos too!

For reference the Mega Moolah slot is now available as a mobile slot game, so if you prefer giving it a try on any mobile device instead of playing at an online casino site, then that is something you can easily do!

Four Live Progressive Jackpots

You have probably played plenty of progressives slot games before, however there is something very unique about the Mega Moolah series of slots. Each of them is linked up to a set of four progressive jackpots and as such you could win one of the jackpots when playing any of jackpot

Being networked together the jackpots do grow very quickly and are regularly awarded, however to get to win one of them you have to be randomly awarded a bonus wheel spinning round, and then spin the bonus wheel to determine just which jackpot you will win.

The bonus game is triggered at random at the end of any paid for base game spin, and it doesn’t matter how much or how little you play the Mega Moolah slots for, every spin gives you a fair and reasonable chance of being awarded with the bonus game.

The four jackpots are the Mini, Minor, Major and Mega jackpot and they have a seed value of 10.00, 100.00, 10,000 and 1,000,000.00 respectively. As all Microgaming powered casinos are multi currency sites whatever currency you have chosen for your account you will be able to play these slots in that currency, and win the jackpots displayed on the jackpot meters in your home currency too!

Breaking News

A new online progressive jackpot world record has just been set for a UK based slot player has just won the largest ever online progressive jackpot, playing the Mega Moolah slot.cartoon newspaper

That player has walked off with a mind blowing jackpot worth over £13.2milion playing the original Mega Moolah slot and the amazing thing about that jackpot win was he was only playing for stakes of 0.25 per spin!

Make sure you do set aside a little play time to give any of the Mega Moolah series of slot a whirl, for those jackpots are always there for the taking and any player can, at any time, trigger the bonus game and bag themselves a huge jackpot payout!

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