moulin roughe las vegas casino from 1955

How Was the Moulin Rouge Casino Received?

Las Vegas is without a doubt the gambling hub of the world, and brings people from all across the globe to witness its various changes and improvements in comparison to when it first started. With first class facilities all across the place and a huge range of different gambling programs to get involved with, the chances are there for everyone to come here and enjoy an exquisite, hugely enjoyable experience of gambling. The changes that occur here are usually quite dramatic- for example, the introduction of the Moulin Rouge casino was, at the time, very well received.

Starting in 1955 and only lasting for one year, the casino was finally opened to critical acclaim. It’s one of the most important casinos in the history of the city, for sure, and helped to make some sweeping changes that are probably still noticeable today within the industry as a whole. It was so popular; it’s the only casino to ever grace the cover of the famous Life magazine! However, the real reason that the casino is so popular is the fact that it played a key role in the civil rights movement that took place in the 1900s.

The Moulin Rouge casino was the first to allow the performers who turned up to actually gamble and enjoy themselves outside of performing for a crowd. It was also the first hotel to employ black and female management, and was the first under this stewardship to hold a license. The open door policy meant that it also became a key home for black entertainers from all across the country, and also allowed for celebrities of any size or creed to come in, have some fun, and socialize.

Despite declaring bankruptcy in 1955, it made massive changes. The casino changed the way that perceptions of the industry were created, and was the catalyst to consistent and massive change across the board that helped to forge the industry into what it stands for now. As a vital part of casino history, Moulin Rouge will always be well remembered.