Asbestos Causes Delays with Sawclose Casino

For years, there has been much discussion of the introduction of a casino into the Bath area. Unfortunately, the plan to bring a Sawclose casino into the area has been delayed thanks to the discovery of asbestos in the proposed location for the casino to be placed. Asbestos has been problematic in the past and has caused a significant swell of health problems over the years thanks to the nature of the product.

Used in the past due to its effectiveness against fires, but the dangers of being exposed to asbestos has been revealed.

Therefore, extensive rebuilding has to take part on the Sawclose casino. This will make a big difference to the casino in general, and will make sure that the 0.7 acre site can open with full legislation all passing. Asbestos is something that is now more or less removed from a site prior to the construction starting, and the new casino is not going to be any different.

It’s now expected that the casino could be finished by the end of 2017 due to the timely and expensive nature of dealing with asbestos removal in the majority of properties in the UK.

To get the problem dealt with once and for all though will ensure that the location has a free run at being opened properly with all of the right accreditations dealt with. The investigation that took place has been carried out to minimal delay, however, thanks to the relatively early discovery of the asbestos and its various problems.

The new development, however, is going to cause a lot of re-deveopment work in the area as a former clinic, a weighbridge kiosk and a large Gala Bingo hall will all need to make way for this to be finally installed.