Connecticut Casino Bill Close to Passing

It was reported over the weekend that the chances of a Connecticut Casino Bill being passed are far closer than ever to being put through, by Governor Dannel P. Malloy. This first step towards a new tribal casino being opened along the border of Connecticut has been broached for some time, but now looks like actually becoming a reality.

The main idea of bring this is in is to help fight off the out-of-state gambling problem that is damaging the local economy, as others flock elsewhere to get their fix of all-or-nothing gaming madness.

With the MGM Resorts casino will planned on being created in Springfield, it’s no surprise that another satellite casino could be on its way to offer a bit of competition to the new super complex that is due to go ahead in the near future. Therefore, it’s a vital move for locals to be able to bring in a tribal casino to compete and help things stay a little bit closer to the traditional gambling style that many states exhibit.

It’s understood that state officials have recognized the importance of not allowing New York and Massachusetts gambling to fully take over their own industry. Whilst the General Assembly still needs to make adjustments to the laws that this will operate under, there is a greater chance of that happening if development actually goes ahead.

Whilst the state casinos currently present at the moment have been run exceptionally well there is an appetite to bring in a new range of casinos to help compete; this has created a mild power struggle within Connecticut which will be extremely interesting to what for developments in the near future.

This story looks set to continue to grow, with the bill close to being passed.