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Martha’s Vineyard Casino Dispute Continues

The Martha’s Vineyard casino is one of the famous brands within Native American gambling resorts, and it’s popularity goes all across the world as one of the most prominent casinos around. However, the massive legal battle they have been involved in with the state of Massachusetts has been a big source of discussion within the gambling community.

The group, whose ancestors took part in the founding of Martha’s Vineyard, want to build a new casino on an island which is a holiday hotspot for the world’s rich and powerful. The state wish to block this, however, with a legal ruling expected in the near future.

As a federally recognized tribe with genuine recognition and jurisdiction over 485 acres of land, the tribe believe that they should be able to forge this new casino and be able to benefit from the affluent people who regularly visit the area. They also state that they have received positive responses from the legal analytical minds and were given only positive feedback.

The tribe themselves, the Wampanoags, wish to offer a high-stakes bingo game that will be very similar to the typical slot machines that most of us are used to. Whilst they don’t propose using casino table games, there is resistance from the state to allow this to be constructed in the first place.

The main argument against its installation is that agreements for the land as far back as 1983 state that the land should not be used for this purpose. With around 1,200 members the tribe has admitted they are divided upon the choice to make about this decision, with most situated in the town that is under contention, Aquinnah, hesitant to offer support.

It’s an embroiled legal battle, but it’s expected to conclude on 12th August.