Mega Moolah Slot Game

As a slot player you are always going to be looking for slots to play that have some large and tempting jackpots attached to them, and one slot game which is at the top of many players lists of slots they regularly love playing is the Mega Moolah slot from Microgaming.

What makes that slot such an enjoyable and exciting one to play is that it offers every player the chance of not only winning a 15,000 coin base game jackpot on every spin, but one of four progressive jackpots can also be won.mega moolah logo!

With 25 optional paylines and three different coin values it is also a slot on which both low and high stake players are going to get an enjoyable slot playing experience. The coin values are 0.01, 0.02 and 0.05 and a minimum one coin spin is all that is required to send the five reels spinning.

No matter at what stake or how many paylines you have chosen to activate you are going to be able to trigger what could turn out to be a life changing bonus game completely at random and that bonus game along with another one attached to this slot is described below!

Two Different Bonus Games

The progressive jackpot bonus game is going to be awarded to players of the Mag Moolah slot completely at random it is only however awarded once a base game spin has been played off.

A bonus wheel spinning based game will then be yours to play off when triggered and by spinning that wheel you are guaranteed to win one of the jackpots displayed at the top of the slot games screen.

You will also find that as soon as three or more of the Monkey Scatter symbols have been spun into view a free spin feature round is triggered, that bonus game will award 15 initial free spins and winning payouts are tripled during that bonus game.

All players who do fancy giving this Mega Moolah slots of which there are several in the series are best advised to visit the website, for by doing so you will discover a range of casinos that have those slot games on offer, and will also be able to make use of a range of very generous and exclusive sign up bonuses at those casinos too!

For reference the Mega Moolah slot is now available as a mobile slot game, so if you prefer giving it a try on any mobile device instead of playing at an online casino site, then that is something you can easily do!

Four Live Progressive Jackpots

You have probably played plenty of progressives slot games before, however there is something very unique about the Mega Moolah series of slots. Each of them is linked up to a set of four progressive jackpots and as such you could win one of the jackpots when playing any of jackpot

Being networked together the jackpots do grow very quickly and are regularly awarded, however to get to win one of them you have to be randomly awarded a bonus wheel spinning round, and then spin the bonus wheel to determine just which jackpot you will win.

The bonus game is triggered at random at the end of any paid for base game spin, and it doesn’t matter how much or how little you play the Mega Moolah slots for, every spin gives you a fair and reasonable chance of being awarded with the bonus game.

The four jackpots are the Mini, Minor, Major and Mega jackpot and they have a seed value of 10.00, 100.00, 10,000 and 1,000,000.00 respectively. As all Microgaming powered casinos are multi currency sites whatever currency you have chosen for your account you will be able to play these slots in that currency, and win the jackpots displayed on the jackpot meters in your home currency too!

Breaking News

A new online progressive jackpot world record has just been set for a UK based slot player has just won the largest ever online progressive jackpot, playing the Mega Moolah slot.cartoon newspaper

That player has walked off with a mind blowing jackpot worth over £13.2milion playing the original Mega Moolah slot and the amazing thing about that jackpot win was he was only playing for stakes of 0.25 per spin!

Make sure you do set aside a little play time to give any of the Mega Moolah series of slot a whirl, for those jackpots are always there for the taking and any player can, at any time, trigger the bonus game and bag themselves a huge jackpot payout!

Free Spins No Deposit Bonuses

One aspect of choosing to play slot games online is that you are going to come across a very large and diverse range of promotional offers and casino bonuses. However, should you be seeking the maximum playing value with the minimum of risk you should be looking to utilize the range of free spins no deposit bonuses that many casino sites have available.

You are going to find that by signing up to an online casino site offering this type of bonus you will not be required to make any type of deposit to utilize the free slot spin bonuses, you simply have to log into your newly opened casino account and claim those bonuses!

Some casino sites and a growing number of bingo sites will have your free slot spins waiting for you when you log into your casino account for the very first time and launch the slot game they are available on. However, be aware some casinos will require you to claim them via their customer support team or by using a bonus code which you enter into a bonus claim form found on their banking interface.

The way in which a free spins no deposit bonus has been structured is very easy to understand, for you will be allocated a set number of spins and will then simply have to play them offer. The aim is of course to try and win as much as you can with those free credits!free spins writing

Any winnings you achieved will either be credited to your casino account as cash credits or they will be credited as bonus credits. If those winnings payouts are awarded to you as bonus funds then you will be required to play them through a set number of times before you can withdraw any winnings achieved.

In fact it is not only first time players who are going to be able to make use of this type of promotional offer for you are going to find many casinos now make free spins available to their regular and most loyal players.

You will usually find that you will be offered additional free spins when a new slot game has been launched or as part of a range of additional promotional offers available at various times of the year, such as at Christmas, Halloween or even on Valentine’s Day, so always be on the lookout for them!

Where to Claim Free Slot Spins

Should you now be interested in casinos offering free no deposit slot spins then there are many news and information sites which list the very best rated casino sites. However, below you will find a range of casino sites and bingo sites where you will be able to claim these types of bonuses but those offers are subject to change at any time!

Lucky Dino Casino – As soon as you register as a new player at Lucky Dino Casino the promotions manager will then credit you with an initial set of 7 free spins on the highly playable Lights slot game. All winnings you achieve will of course be yours to keep and if you then go onto make an additional deposit you will qualify for an additional 100 free spins and a deposit match bonus!

Lucky Pants Bingo – You are not going to find a more unusually named online bingo site than Lucky Pants Bingo, however if you can look further their unusual name they do have a very generous sign up package currently available. By registering as a new player they will give you a no deposit required £5.00 bonus and will also give you 20 free spins on one of their high paying slot games too!

Lucky 247 Casino – You really should get yourself over to the Lucky 247 Casino website, for by signing up as a new player today they are going to give you an amazing 50 free spins on their bonus game awarding Gold Factory slot. One major attraction of this bonus offer is that as all 40 paylines will be activated for each of your 50 free spins there is always going to be the chance you can win big when playing them all off

Getting Used To Online Slots

For many people, their first experience of slots will come in either a pub (in the UK) or in a casino (in the US). However, very few people have had their first experiences of slots by going online and trying it out that way. In reality, the difference is quite staggering and this can make it very hard to manage and prepare for when you first play.

Even if you have played slots for many years in the pubs and casinos you will find that getting used to online slots is like starting all over again!

You’ll have a lot to learn and to get used to, and you’ll also need to slowly get used to understanding the right way to manage things moving forward. Here are some tips to help you get used to online slots;

  • Remember that online slots, on the right site, have the opportunity to offer out a rather ridiculous jackpot. The best bet of you getting this comes from being able to manage the situation properly, so you need to work out if you want to go for the mega payout at the expense of losing lots of more expensive little gamesfruit machine in a pub
  • The speed is far more frenetic, too. You can basically leave it on auto spin and just let things take their own course but if you go on a bad run you will just watch your money vanish down a black hole so be wary with this option!
  • The other situation that you need to get used to is the fact that games tend to come with rather ridiculous games that tend to need managed in terms of side games. They are very common in online slots and you will usually have the chance to get extra multipliers and bonuses along the way
  • Remember that you are playing online so you have the chance to win freebies and other extras along the way – it’s not like playing in the casino where you need to put in every penny to get success! With their help, you can get a truly extraordinary payout but you just need to remember that they usually come in the form of free spins. The best bonuses are typically welcome and first deposit bonuses so use these wisely as you try out other sites
  • Not want to spend? Free online slots exist for your pleasure!

How Was the Moulin Rouge Casino Received?

Las Vegas is without a doubt the gambling hub of the world, and brings people from all across the globe to witness its various changes and improvements in comparison to when it first started. With first class facilities all across the place and a huge range of different gambling programs to get involved with, the chances are there for everyone to come here and enjoy an exquisite, hugely enjoyable experience of gambling. The changes that occur here are usually quite dramatic- for example, the introduction of the Moulin Rouge casino was, at the time, very well received.

Starting in 1955 and only lasting for one year, the casino was finally opened to critical acclaim. It’s one of the most important casinos in the history of the city, for sure, and helped to make some sweeping changes that are probably still noticeable today within the industry as a whole. It was so popular; it’s the only casino to ever grace the cover of the famous Life magazine! However, the real reason that the casino is so popular is the fact that it played a key role in the civil rights movement that took place in the 1900s.

The Moulin Rouge casino was the first to allow the performers who turned up to actually gamble and enjoy themselves outside of performing for a crowd. It was also the first hotel to employ black and female management, and was the first under this stewardship to hold a license. The open door policy meant that it also became a key home for black entertainers from all across the country, and also allowed for celebrities of any size or creed to come in, have some fun, and socialize.

Despite declaring bankruptcy in 1955, it made massive changes. The casino changed the way that perceptions of the industry were created, and was the catalyst to consistent and massive change across the board that helped to forge the industry into what it stands for now. As a vital part of casino history, Moulin Rouge will always be well remembered.

North Jersey Casino on the Horizon?

Popular real estate guru Jeff Gural, based in New York, has been pushing for some time to have a casino installed in New Jersey. This is a story that goes back several years and can be seen as one of the big debates within a local community without any real access to gaming. Like much of the US, there is strong opposition to “games of chance” and New Jersey is no different; Gural, though, wants to change this.

With a referendum being held to move gambling into northern New Jersey and to help promote the $1bn casino at the Meadowlands Racetrack, this is a crucial time for gaming and gambling in general in the US.

As Gural continues to build powerful allies such as Governor Chris Christie and State Assembly speaker Vincent Prieto, there is a growing appeal to the ideal of the gambling industry finally having a home in such a key part of the US. It’s estimated by Gural and his team that, with 14m adults over a 50m radius of the designated spot, there could be as much as $400m/year generated in tax revenues. These are the kind of figures that can usually turn the head of legislators and investors alike.

However, it still has to overcome the legal hurdles set by Atlantic City and the lawmakers based in South Jersey. He also has to wide a statewide referendum to get things moving in his direction, but the ever-growing approval ratings for the casino look to be moving the idea a bit further towards reality.

Whilst there is still a lot to do with regards to getting there, the signs at the moment are far more positive than they were even before the end of 2014 – it’s a story worth following!

The Vegas Three Card Rummy

If you have ever spent much time dealing with gambling or running into the world of Las Vegas much, you will no doubt have heard of the term Three Card Rummy at one point. It’s a rather challenging concept for those who aren’t used to it, but it can be one of the most enjoyable aspects of being involved in gambling within the city. It’s a very typical game that does play a lot like typical casino poker, and it’s enjoyed because of its rather interesting style when compared to many more typical casino games out there.

This game itself makes a really nice change of pace for those who are used to the typical Vegas games, and this will give you all the help that you need to understand just how fun cards can be if you’ve never really played too much – or at all. If you have never played the game before then the rules can be a bit daunting but you can pick them up with just a few hours of practice and knowledge about how it actually works. Here is a brief rundown of the rules of Three Card, and how it operates typically in a game;

  • You start off by choosing between either an ante bet, or a bonus bet – ante bets are always the best option, though!
  • Then you and the dealer are dealt three cards; the dealer with their cards face down
  • Then, you need to figure out what your score is – Aces, for example, are worth one point. A face card is worth 10, and anything else is given a value based on its rank within the pack
  • You want to have a lower score than the dealer; however, a consecutive card and a three of a kind card set is actually worth 0 to you so this can be the key to winning with this rather interesting game
  • You then raise or fold your cards once you see them; if the dealer has more than 20pts, they cannot qualify
  • The key here is to raise when you 20 or fewer points on the board
  • It can be a big confusing at first, of course, but you will effectively just be trying to mimic the strategy of the dealer; your mistakes typically come from just a case of miscalculating the number that you are actually in possession of!

It’s a difficult game to get used but once you get there it can be incredibly fun to play, giving you all the help that you need to truly understand just how the game works and how you can get used to the way that it operates in general.

Asbestos Causes Delays with Sawclose Casino

For years, there has been much discussion of the introduction of a casino into the Bath area. Unfortunately, the plan to bring a Sawclose casino into the area has been delayed thanks to the discovery of asbestos in the proposed location for the casino to be placed. Asbestos has been problematic in the past and has caused a significant swell of health problems over the years thanks to the nature of the product.

Used in the past due to its effectiveness against fires, but the dangers of being exposed to asbestos has been revealed.

Therefore, extensive rebuilding has to take part on the Sawclose casino. This will make a big difference to the casino in general, and will make sure that the 0.7 acre site can open with full legislation all passing. Asbestos is something that is now more or less removed from a site prior to the construction starting, and the new casino is not going to be any different.

It’s now expected that the casino could be finished by the end of 2017 due to the timely and expensive nature of dealing with asbestos removal in the majority of properties in the UK.

To get the problem dealt with once and for all though will ensure that the location has a free run at being opened properly with all of the right accreditations dealt with. The investigation that took place has been carried out to minimal delay, however, thanks to the relatively early discovery of the asbestos and its various problems.

The new development, however, is going to cause a lot of re-deveopment work in the area as a former clinic, a weighbridge kiosk and a large Gala Bingo hall will all need to make way for this to be finally installed.

Connecticut Casino Bill Close to Passing

It was reported over the weekend that the chances of a Connecticut Casino Bill being passed are far closer than ever to being put through, by Governor Dannel P. Malloy. This first step towards a new tribal casino being opened along the border of Connecticut has been broached for some time, but now looks like actually becoming a reality.

The main idea of bring this is in is to help fight off the out-of-state gambling problem that is damaging the local economy, as others flock elsewhere to get their fix of all-or-nothing gaming madness.

With the MGM Resorts casino will planned on being created in Springfield, it’s no surprise that another satellite casino could be on its way to offer a bit of competition to the new super complex that is due to go ahead in the near future. Therefore, it’s a vital move for locals to be able to bring in a tribal casino to compete and help things stay a little bit closer to the traditional gambling style that many states exhibit.

It’s understood that state officials have recognized the importance of not allowing New York and Massachusetts gambling to fully take over their own industry. Whilst the General Assembly still needs to make adjustments to the laws that this will operate under, there is a greater chance of that happening if development actually goes ahead.

Whilst the state casinos currently present at the moment have been run exceptionally well there is an appetite to bring in a new range of casinos to help compete; this has created a mild power struggle within Connecticut which will be extremely interesting to what for developments in the near future.

This story looks set to continue to grow, with the bill close to being passed.

Martha’s Vineyard Casino Dispute Continues

The Martha’s Vineyard casino is one of the famous brands within Native American gambling resorts, and it’s popularity goes all across the world as one of the most prominent casinos around. However, the massive legal battle they have been involved in with the state of Massachusetts has been a big source of discussion within the gambling community.

The group, whose ancestors took part in the founding of Martha’s Vineyard, want to build a new casino on an island which is a holiday hotspot for the world’s rich and powerful. The state wish to block this, however, with a legal ruling expected in the near future.

As a federally recognized tribe with genuine recognition and jurisdiction over 485 acres of land, the tribe believe that they should be able to forge this new casino and be able to benefit from the affluent people who regularly visit the area. They also state that they have received positive responses from the legal analytical minds and were given only positive feedback.

The tribe themselves, the Wampanoags, wish to offer a high-stakes bingo game that will be very similar to the typical slot machines that most of us are used to. Whilst they don’t propose using casino table games, there is resistance from the state to allow this to be constructed in the first place.

The main argument against its installation is that agreements for the land as far back as 1983 state that the land should not be used for this purpose. With around 1,200 members the tribe has admitted they are divided upon the choice to make about this decision, with most situated in the town that is under contention, Aquinnah, hesitant to offer support.

It’s an embroiled legal battle, but it’s expected to conclude on 12th August.